Pear and Chocolate Oat Crumble (Nigel Slater)

Now for all you Canadian Cooks – get your conversion calculators ready or your kitchen scales – it may help you with the British measurements.  I just kind of roughly converted mine – crisps can be quite forgiving.

Ahhh Nigel Slater….you never dissapoint me!  I have such a foodie crush on his brilliance!  He is just truly inspiring!  OK enough about Nigel – lets get to this easy yummy recipe of his.
I bought a huge bag of ripe pears at the grocers the other day – when this morning it dawned on me that we may not eat them all up before they go bad, so flipping through one of Nigel Slaters cookbooks I stumbled upon this crisp recipe and decided it would be a fabulous way to use up some of the pears.  Is it bad that I let my family eat dessert before supper?  Ahhh who cares it’s the holidays right!  
This would be extra yummy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – we were kinda bummed that we didn’t have any…but we survived! I also wish I had dark chocolate – but I had to make due with milk chocolate that I had on hand.  I think it would be even better with the dark as in the original recipe.
Here is the recipe as written by Nigel Slater:
4 large ripe pears
half a lemon
butter: 30g
golden caster sugar: 50g
For the crumble:
Butter: 85g
Plain Flour: 80g
demerara sugar: 80g
jumbo oats: 3 Tbsp
dark chocolate (80 percent cocoa solids): 70g
Set the oven at 180C (this is around 350F for the Canadians out there).  Peel the pears, rubbing each one with the lemon half to stop it discolouring – then cut them in half and discard the stalk.  Scoop out the core with a teaspoon.
Melt the butter for the pears in a shallow pan. When it starts to sizzle, tip in the peeled and halved pears and the sugar and let the fruit colour lightly.  As the pears softer, let the sugar caramelize here and there, leaving them patchily golden.
Make the crumble by rubbing the butter into the flour with your fingers (or in a food processor) – when the mixture looks like fine breadcrumbs, stir in the suger and oats.  Add a Tbsp of water so some of the crumble sticks together (oops….I forgot the water in mine).  Chop the chocolate into small pieces, about the size of course gravel, then fold through the crumble.
Tip the mixture over the pears, leaving the surgace quite rough and making no attempt to pack it down. Bake for 45 minutes, tip lightly coloured.
Enough for 4

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