Potato Feta Bacon and Scallion Frittata (courtesy The Smitten Kitchen)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a Mother of three boys – the best way to lure sleepy kids/teenagers out of bed – BACON!  Yep – that’s it!  Once they smell bacon cooking in the kitchen – they seem to come running!  Just a little trick I’ve got up my sleeves!

This was the case today when I started to whip up this Frittata..as soon as the bacon hit the pan I had three boys up in my kitchen wondering what was cooking!

I have 2 full bookshelves of cookbooks that I’ve been collecting over the years…and I actually de-cluttered and gave away a bunch last month because simply – I had too many!  I really enjoy reading through them for inspiration – but I’ve found sometimes I don’t use them as much as I feel I should – given the investment.  So I’ve come up with a plan.  Call it a New Years resolution to vow to use my books more.  I’ve decided to take 3-4 off the shelf each week and not put them back until I’ve used at least 1 recipe out of each.

This Frittata was the start of this resolution.  It was out of a fairly new book that I bought called the Smitten Kitchen.  She was actually a food blogger that I followed over the years and she since landed a book deal.  It looks like a really great cookbook full of goodies I’d love to try.

If you know me – you’ll know that I’m not much of a breakfast food type of gal.  In fact in the mornings I am not usually the type to whip up bacon and eggs and pancakes for a proper breakfast feast.  I’m usually instead digging through the fridge for supper leftovers or craving pasta…yep I’m weird that way.  When I’m trying to slim the waistline – I usually just opt for a smoothie…but since me and the boys are on Christmas break – I thought I should give them a proper breakfast (or brunch since they all slept in).

I liked this Frittata – it made my head full of other ideas for fillings – although this one here is very kid friendly – I think for adults I’d love to try it with some goat cheese and olives and maybe a touch of sun dried tomatoes and arugula!  Yum!  Very diverse – change up the fillings to your liking.


Serves – 6-8 people

 – 2 TBSP Olive Oil
 – 1 3/4 Pounds Yukon Gold Potatoes
 – 1/2 tsp of salt or so
 – Fresh Ground Black Pepper
 – 1/4 pound of bacon (115 grams) sliced crosswise into matchsticks
 – 1/2 bunch of scallions sliced thinly (3-4)
 – 2/3 cup crumbled feta cheese
 – 6 large eggs
 – 2 TBSP milk or cream

It’s pretty easy to whip this one up.  The only mistake I noticed in the recipe is she doesn’t give a temperature in which to bake the Frittata – so I just left my oven at the same temperature that I roasted my potatoes at.   I did feel as though I overcooked mine by about 2 minutes so not sure if it had to do with the oven temp or not…but it was still yummy!

Preheat your oven to 400C.  Peel and slice your potatoes into 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices (rounds or half circles).  Pile them into a well greased pan and I tossed mine in olive oil salt and pepper.  Let them roast for 30 minutes – flipping once half way through.

While your potatoes are cooking.  Using a cast iron skillet fry up your bacon.  Reserve the fat in the pan and remove the bacon to cool with a slotted spoon.  Slice up your onions and crumble your feta.

Whisk together your eggs and milk with a little salt and pepper.

Once your potatoes are done – add about another TBSP of oil to your bacon fat and swirl around the pan and the edges to ensure it’s all well greased.  Lay your potatoes in the pan (I did the crispy browned side up because it looked pretty).  Add in your bacon, scallions and feta and then pour in your eggs.

Bake this covered with foil for about 20 minutes and then uncovered for another 10 minutes….or less – I think I will only do 8 next time.  Just be sure the eggs have puffed around the sides and the centre is set.


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