Hoisin Chicken Summer Rolls with Mango

It’s easy to fall into a cooking rut while renovating your kitchen. You could tell yourself things like, “how can I cook without a kitchen” and then proceed to put all the take out joints in your area on speed dial. I have to admit, many days I have fallen into this rut. Although I have to say, I’m growing rather sick of processed take out food.

I decided to step out of my rut and use my creativity and cook up some good food, that is good food that does not require an oven or stovetop – or hopefully not much cleanup (our bar sink downstairs is rather small for dishes). We were in Calgary last weekend visiting my Mom, and she made us some summer rolls on arrival, knowing that I was without a kitchen and I love summer rolls, it was a very thoughtful gesture indeed. I scarfed those down like I hadn’t eaten in weeks!

I have made these many times before and you can be creative with the fillings indeed. Tonight I picked up a rotisserie chicken from the grocer to speed up the process. Delicious, light and refreshing, the perfect meal for a hot summer day.


– 1 rotesserie chicken meat cut up (or leftover chicken from last nights supper would work too)
– rice paper wrappers
– julenned mango
– julienned carrots
– cucumber seeded and julliened
– fresh mint
– fresh basil
– mixed greens of choice
– hoisin sauce
– toasted sesame seeds
*Optional: Fresh Thai Red Chili (if you like a little spice)

Fill a large bowl with hot water and gently soak a rice paper wrapper until pliable. I usually use a clean kitchen cloth to place them on once rehydrated while I fill it up with the fillings. Just as though you would make a wrap – fill it up with your goodies. Lay some hoisin sauce, chicken, mango, carrots, cucumbers, fresh mint, basil, sesame seeds, chilis and mixed greens. Gently fold up each end and roll.

Serve them up with more hoisin and a little sirachi if you like and enjoy!


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