Mexican Baked Eggs

We leave for Hawaii in two weeks! Hooray! Since we’ll be sporting swimsuits for a good portion of our stay my husband has been trying to watch his carb and sugar intake this month. I’ve been trying to help him out by making meals minus carbs – which as it turns out although challenging – can be very delicious. Last night we had some fish tacos with Mahi Mahi and rather that tortilla wraps we wrapped ours in lettuce leaves – which proved to be delish.

On the weekend I made Alex this for breakfast and decided to re-create this morning for myself. Give them a shot! This is kind of a rough estimate for measurements – so feel free to alter to your taste – it’s a really easy forgiving recipe.

Mexican Baked Eggs:

– 1 small onion or half large onion chopped
– 1 small hot pepper chopped (jalepeno if you have)use less depending on your heat preference
– 1-2 cloves garlic smashed and chopped fine
– 2 tsp cumin
– 2 tsp chili powder
– about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of tomato puree (just eye it)
– 1 can organic Black Beans (rinsed)
– Sharp Cheddar or Smoked Applewood Cheddar or Feta
– Fresh Cilantro – about a TBSP chopped
– 2 organic free range eggs

To garnish:

Hot sauce, more cilantro, guacamole

Preheat your oven to 350F. In an ovenproof frying pan sauté onions and garlic in a little olive oil until translucent. Add in your Black Beans, Hot Pepper, Chili Powder and Cumin. Stir for a few minutes. Pour in your tomato puree (I also added in a chopped tomato but you don’t have to. Stir it up a little and add in your chopped cilantro.

Turn off heat and carefully break two eggs into the mixture and grate some cheese over top if desired. Place the whole works in your preheated oven and let bake for about 5 minutes or so until eggs are set. Broil for another minute just to get cheese a little browned.

Serve up on a plate with a little cilantro, hot sauce and guacamole if desired.


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