"Guac Meets Hummus"

This dip is an cross between a guacamole and hummus – and is ohhhh so creamy, healthy and delish – give it a try – you’ll love it!!

It’s fall…and the leaves are changing colors – such a beautiful time of year.  I love to take fall pics – so I will be dragging my boys out this weekend for some shots (much to their demise) – that is once I get my house back in order.  We are going through renos right now – and it is sure a messy process – but it is looking so much better!

Anyway, I made this yesterday – because I was busy and missed lunch and then was STARVING by about 2 – but I didn’t want to eat too much so I thought this would be a great little snack with a few nacho chips.  I enjoyed it very much.  In fact I enjoyed it again today spread inside a veggie wrap with loads of veggies and some leftover rice pilaf…it was good.

I got the recipe originally from a blog called shutterbean (her link is on my site she has some great recipes on there).  I tweaked it ever so slightly – this is how I made it.

“Guac Meets Hummus” Recipe compliments of Shutterbean

1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 avocadoe, roughly chopped
1 bunch cilantro
3 garlic cloves
1 tsp cumin
juice of a lemon
salt, pepper to taste
hot sauce (as much as you like)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil to drizzle in
Splash of water

Put all the ingredients besides the hot sauce, olive oil and water in a food processor – give it a whirl – stream in some olive oil and a bit of water (so there isn’t so much fat) until it reaches a nice consistency.  Dump it out into a storage container or serving bowl – add some hot sauce to taste.  Enjoy as a dip with nachos, veggies – us it as a spread on sammies – yum!

Till next time friends!


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