Chicken Breasts with Fig Onion Sauce over Brown Basmati Rice Pilaf

OK so this title sounds way fancier than it actually is.  I had 3 chicken breasts left in my fridge so I marinated them this morning in the following:

Chicken Marinade (for three breasts)
 – 1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 – 1/6 cup Red Wine Vinegar (half the amount of the oil)
 – 3 garlic cloves, sliced thin
 – couple sprigs of fresh thyme
 – 1 tsp dried basil
 – 1 tsp dried oregano

Then tonight when we got home from hockey I threw some brown basmati rice in our rice cooker using half chicken broth and half water for the liquid measurement (I know most of you can cook rice so I won’t include this recipe).  If you are trying to include more brown rice or pasta into your diet I would highly recommend trying the brown basmati rice if you haven’t already – it’s delicious!

Heat olive oil over medium high heat and place chicken breasts in once the oil/pan are hot reserve the marinade.  Turn down to medium and cook around 7 minutes per side.  You will know when the chicken is done if it springs back when you touch it. 

In a seperate pan with a little olive oil and a tsp of real butter (unsalted) saute:
 – 1/2 red onion
 – 3 garlic cloves

You will also need Fig Spread Jam – 2 tsp (if you have never tried this before you should it is so good, really good with crackers and cheese) and about a tsp of real butter (unsalted)

Once chicken is done, remove from pan and lest rest before cutting.  Meanwhile add reserved marinade to chicken pan along with your sauted onions and garlic.  Scrape any bits from the bottom, bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes.  Stir in 2 tsp of fig spread/jam and butter.  Pour over chicken.

For the rice, once finished I used the remaining half onion and sauted this with more garlic in a little oil and butter, toss the rice with this to coat and use as a bed for your chicken.  If you have company, you can garnish with a fresh italian parsley for some color.  Serves 4-6


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