My Morning Sunshine Smoothie

I’ve been trying to fit back into my jeans lately! Must have been all the poutines I consumed during hockey season…or perhaps wine…or lack of exercise….OK OK I’m back on the wagon!

I found this smoothie recipe on another blog called The Endless Meal (a Vancouver blogger). I’ve since been hooked on it – so hooked that I start to panic when I run out of oranges. It’s the type of smoothie that wakes you up and makes you feel like you can conker the world….oh wait maybe that was the coffee…I’m not sure, anyway, just give it a try. I think you will like it.

All you need:

– 1 carrot (you can chop it up a little to help you blender if you like

– 2-3 oranges (peel removed)

– 1 tsp Tumeric

– 1 small chunk of fresh ginger, peeled ( I would guess about 1-2 tsp or so)

– a grind of black pepper (sounds weird I know, but it is supposed to enhance the health benefits of your tumeric)

– 1 cup of ice

In a high powered blender (I use a Vitamix, which in my opinion is worth the investment). Blend until smooth. Now go conker the world you healthy warrior you!FullSizeRender (2)



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