Basil Beef

I was done cooking supper this morning by 8:00am! No seriously! This recipe is THAT EASY!

The recipe comes from a Laura Calder cookbook which she originally got from a cookbook called Les Jules aux Fourneaux. It is basically tender pieces of beef adorned with fruity olive oil and lemon and loads of fresh basil. It is so good. Make it while your kids are having breakfast…you’ll be done in no time!

I think this would be best served again on a warm summers evening on the patio (I am totally wishing for summer now….go away snow)! This would also be a great make ahead dish for company. Serve it with some potatoes or a simple salad and a glass of crisp white wine! YUM!  OK here is the recipe…if you can even call it that – SERIOUSLY SIMPLE!

– 2 pounds/1 kg of Beef Filet (tenderloin)

– 1 cup of very good olive oil

– Grated zest of 1 lemon

– Juice of 2 lemons (or 3 if they are small like mine were)

– 1 large bunch of basil, chopped

– Coarse sea or kosher salt and pepper

Preheat your oven to 375F. Roast the meat for 15 minutes. Remove and cool completely.

Slice the beef into very thin slices with a sharp knife. Don’t be alarmed if the meat looks very rare, it will continue to cook in the lemon juice. Mix it with the oil, lemon juice, zest, basil and salt and pepper.

Spread the mixture onto a large flat dish, so that the meat is completely submerged in the marinade. Cover and refrigerate all day or overnight, turning once at half-time.

Bring to room temperature prior to serving.  These would be good with a simple side of your choice. We made Kale Potato Patties to go on the side.






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