Simple Tomato Sauce

I think I have found a recipe to convince you to not purchase any more pre-made pasta sauces. I mean seriously this has to be the easiest most simple recipe. All you need are 3 ingredients a pot and about 45 minutes.

I heard about this recipe awhile back from my Mom, who had heard about it from her friend Glenda and they were both raving about its simplistic beauty. I then noticed the recipe in a cookbook I own called Genius Recipes by Food52. The original author of this recipe is Marcella Hazan.

This my interpretation of this simple recipe:

– 1 28oz can of whole tomatoes (buy a good kind for this San Marzano are my fav. if you can find

– 1 stick (1/2 cup) of unsalted butter

– 1 onion

salt and pepper to taste

Seriously – that is it!

Now grab a medium saucepan and put your can of tomatoes, your stick of butter and your onion peeled and halved in the pot. Turn on the heat and once bubbling a little turn down a little and let simmer away for about 45 minutes, until the onion looks nice and tender. Stir it occasionally.

Once it’s finished I use my immersion blender to puree (take the onion out first). Don’t throw away the onion though – it’s delicious. Cut it up and serve it with your pasta or other uses. Even just eat on its own.

I often make this when I don’t feel like cooking. It’s a perfect no-fuss simple recipe. I also use this as a pizza sauce when we make pizzas. It’s fabulous! We make this sauce all the time now! It’s become a definate favorite at our place. Give it a whirl, it won’t dissapoint.


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