Memories of my Uncle Mike

Death, albeit devastating, confusing and unfair…is unfortunately something we will all have to face at some point.  Leaving us with so much sadness our treasured memories is sometimes all we are left with, and perhaps some lessons learned.

Our family recently lost someone very special to all of us.  Our beloved Uncle Mike. 

When I think about my Uncle Mike, I often think of his smile, and his soft demeanor.  He was never loud or boisterous, and would often sit around the fire with us at our annual camping reunions with a smile on his face just taking in the conversation.  He would do anything for you, and was a very kind gentle soul.

Another memory I have of my uncle, is him often serving up a great camping breakfast.  Our family tries to get together once yearly to camp at a place called Cypress Hills.  We rent out a big group site, and all pile in for a weekend of campfire, golf, swimming, volleyball on the beach..and great memories.

We usually have a cooking/cleaning schedule for the weekend…enforced by the nominated “camp bitch”..which seemed to be either my Aunt Gina, Cousin Sabrina…or even Me a couple times – not for us to take offense to this label, but because we were rather good at “nagging” or should I say directing those that were on clean up duty, cooking duty, etc.

Quite a few times I recall my uncle on breakfast duty – serving up a mean Ham and Egger..on a toasted english muffin (a common camping breakfast we enjoyed) – he always served it up with a smile, never complained that he was the last to eat..and was always first to pitch in when we needed a hand.

I am going to miss my uncle Mike…as will his Wife, Daughter, Mother, Sisters and all of us that loved him, and I will sure miss his smiling face at our next gathering.  But I will forever hold his memories dear to my heart.


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